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Le recomendamos encarecidamente que se ponga en contacto con nosotros antes de proceder al pago. Si elige un plan de precios sin comunicación previa con Mentes, se le contactará pronto para analizar su caso, ya que el precio siempre está personalizado para cada cliente. No se procesarán reembolsos.

  • Just Websites

    Website Basic

    Must enroll in this plan to keep website published.
    • Website hosting.
    • Assistance and small edits.
    • Google Indexation
    • Some edits to the site may require additional charges.
  • Social Media

    Cada mes
    Plan to keep an account's engagement relevant.
    • Designed content for account activity during the week.
    • Includes Facebook & Instagram.
    • Advertising and promotions are not included.
    • Monthly report & statistics.
    • Strategy with relevant content to create engagement.
    • Focused on followers attraction.
  • Marketing

    Cada mes
    Complete Goal-Focused Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy.
    • Website SEO & SEM.
    • E-mail Marketing.
    • Digital Advertisement Campaigns.
    • Lead Attraction & Brand Awareness.
    • Landing Pages & Funneling.
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Cost Optimization Program

Thanks for your business!

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